BLUM leads the way in technology for optical and tactile production measurement technology for machine tools. Our measuring technology supports customers of various industrial sectors in increasing their productivity, as well as the quality of the produced parts.

Produce more productively and with a higher level of quality. Have confidence in the innovative production metrology by BLUM!


Production metrology for maximum productivity and precision

Advanced measuring systems for tool setting, tool breakage detection and workpiece measurement in machine tools.

Laser Control Bucket ImageTool Setting Probes Bucket ImageWorkpiece Probes Bucket Image
DIGILOG Touch Probes Bucket ImageRoughness Gauge Bucket ImageBore Gauge Bucket Image
Measurement Software Bucket ImageReceiver Bucket Image

Why use production metrology by BLUM

  • Minimize setup times of tools and workpieces
  • Increase in-process reliability
  • Realize continuous process chains
  • Minimize rejects
  • Ensure unmanned 24/7 manufacturing
  • Enable measurements between machining steps
  • Detect errors on tool and workpiece in good time
  • Increase efficiency and reduce throughput times
  • Enable rework in the machining clamping process
  • Maintain and increase competitiveness

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BLUM is an innovative partner to numerous industry sectors and a long-standing supplier to the global machine tool industry. From individual mold and die makers all the way to large corporations in the automotive and aerospace industries - the high efficiency, precision and reliability of production metrology by BLUM makes it an indispensable instrument for many successful companies.